Embarking on your first solo backpacking adventure?


Embarking on your first solo backpacking journey can be a daunting experience, with fear, uncertainty and anxiety all being present. These feelings should not stop you from experiencing your dreams.

Grab your free copy  of my eBook where we inspire you, provide strategies to manage fear and uncertainty and help you maximize your experience as it relates to six distinct categories.

1. Be Inspired

Through profiling select travellers, we get insight into why they travelled, what inspired them and what amazing stories they have to share.

2. Overcome Fear & Uncertainty

We also provide strategies to help you manage the fear and uncertainty.

3. Maximise Your Experience

We also provide travel tips as they relate to six categories to help you maximise your experience:

  1. Mindset: What mindset should you have to have the most enjoyable experience?
  2. Planning: How much planning should you do?
  3. Funding: How do you travel for an extended period of time?
  4. Gear and Equipment: How to Pack? What gear and equipment should you not compromise on?
  5. Technology: What Technology is at your disposal to make your life easier?
  6. Miscellaneous: We look at all those other things that we could not compartmentalize into neat little boxes.


Here is what some of the readers have been saying.

“Folks…here is a book that’s going to make you realise that life is truly not just about working and paying debts. We all need to push our limits, live,and think out the box. To me it’s an inspiration that life should not be lived in a box.”

Natascha Gradenmange

“The ideal realistic how-to guide for an aspiring traveler.”

Keletso Nazir Mfolo