Note from Nick: Hey guys and girls, as you will know, this is a community where we help, encourage and inspire people to transform themselves and the world around them.To aid us in fulfilling this mission we have introduced Feature Fridays, where every Friday we will be sharing an inspiring personal story. We want to inspire people, who will in turn inspire more people  and create a wave of positivity and happiness. Simple. Kapish. Lets get to it.

Earlier this week, I interviewed Bryan Teare. Bryan is a coach, personal trainer and blogger, as well as an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur, model and traveler. That’s quite a mouthful. He is the founder of BigHealthyMe (BHM), where he helps people live a simple, healthy and extraordinary life.

Having started his career in the corporate world as  Civil Engineer, he soon realised that something was missing from his life.

This realisation led to him implementing some big changes, with the overiding goal of building a life around what he is passionate about.

We not only get to know Bryan better and learn a little more about BHM , but we also delve into the inspiration behind BHM.

In pursuing something we love, that we ultimately want to make money from, we face several challenges.  

These include fear or failure and fear of losing interest (among other things). Bryan shares some of the challenges he has faced and how we can all overcome these.

We also look at the issue of money. Yes, no matter how you try and avoid it, the “M” word comes up all the time.Money is often one of the core reasons that people put off following their dreams and ultimately doing shit they love. Either they feel they don’t have enough money to start or they feel that following their dreams and doing what they love will not be profitable.

We also discuss the importance of just starting and putting something imperfect (To be honest what is perfect anyways?) out into the world that you can tweak and tune in time.

This then is a must watch for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration. Or anyone who is currently on a path of pursuing their dreams and building a life around doing what they love, but are facing several challenges along the way.

Bryan’s story is not only inspirational, but he provides some valuable help, advice and tips. Inspiration and personal advice based on experience? What more could you ask for.

P.S. I have been following Bryan’s journey from when he started and it has been remarkable to say the least. I encourage you to check out his site BigHealthyMe where he helps people achieve a simple, healthy and extraordinary life. Bryan is also working on an optimal living guide which you can sign up for here.

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