I recently started working at a wine farm. I find it taking up a lot of my time and I am on my feet all day, serving and selling wines. When I get home, all I want to do is unwind and relax.The last thing on my mind is writing. The fact that I feel this way annoys me a little. It makes me feel guilty as I committed to a posting schedule for my readers. I committed to writing at least one post a week and on top of that to send weekly personalised emails to my readers. And on specific days too. I’ve been slacking on this. So again, sorry.

Now last week I wrote a blog post called My Rash Decision And What I Learned. Following this, I got a Facebook message from my brother. He said the following to me:

I enjoyed the read. Keep it up and don’t feel it’s bad if you change your plans…Sometimes I think you should go off your track and maybe take part in the system for a bit again to get yourself more on track to do what you want!!!Don’t Always fight so hard.

This message really stuck with me, particularly the last five words ‘Don’t Always Fight so hard’. I chatted to my dad about this and he also mentioned that  when you are so heavily invested in something, it is easy to set yourself up for failure. Aside from this when you are so heavily invested, you often lose enjoyment in the process. You lose sight of why you started. You stop enjoying life. You no longer live in the present. You are less open to new opportunities. All in all your happiness as a person is compromised.

This got me thinking. What if I wasn’t so heavily invested? What if I just took myself out of the process? What if I just cared less, did less and just let things flow? What would happen then? How would I feel? Well, I want to test this.

With that in mind, I am no longer committing to any posting schedule on my blog.  I will post a post when I feel like it. I’m breaking one of the golden rules of blogging (which of course is consistency), but frankly I do not give a shit.  Will my blog turn into a ghost town? Perhaps.

But for now I want to focus on building up a stockpile of money again as the next adventure is brooding in my head. The thought even occurred to me that I want to start yachting next year. I have even had ideas of going to work for a charity for a while – I have a connection in Gambia.

And something even bigger that I have been thinking about is the desire to have travelled to every country before the age of 35.

In many ways all these thoughts that are in my mind are who I am. I am always thinking of new things. New ideas. New places to go. I love adventure. I love new environments. I love stimulation. I love travel. I love connecting with people. I am a Multipotentialite. I am a free spirit.

So let’s see what happens.

P.S. I still plan to publish my E-book where I will be sharing a whole bunch of travel tips I have learned from personal experience and also tips shared with me by some close friends that I have met on my travels.

All the Best

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