Editor’s Note: This is an article written by Dylan Raines of Humanitarian Explorer.

On April 26, 2015, I departed from where I was living in California to begin a pilgrimage of the Oregon Coast. My intention was simply to walk continuously up and down the Oregon Coast with everything that would happen and where I may end up, completely unknown.

After spending three months and walking over 900 miles within the 400 miles of line where land meets ocean, a new vision and dream began to grow.

Through walking, often with very little or no money, one finds how much goodness, kindness and beauty there is in humanity. I’ve always had everything I needed: food, water, clothing, my tent and a place to pitch beneath the stars. Because of this I have always felt that I am the wealthiest man alive. Wealth of course being to know that you have exactly what you need; not too much nor too little. This is the wealth of Peace.

But there are millions of people who lack even the basic essentials necessary to live. Millions do not have clean water, food, clothing, shelter and other essential resources. It is for these people I decided to launch myself into a mission and vision which I believe has always been at the very core of my heart:

To walk throughout the world to serve and set people free.

The first priority of travel for me is about connecting with people, building relationships and sharing the heart of freedom, love, peace, joy, understanding and generosity which I believe is the true deep down nature of who we are as the human family. This is why my first step is to go, to walk, to connect and to discover what happens when we realise living from our relationship with one another and that relationship enables our dreams to become a reality.

I started Humanitarian Explorer as a way of using travel and my love for walking to raise funds and awareness for specific projects working to see human rights established as a way of life for all people. This is an organisation that will not only be the vehicle for me to explore all the world and serve through building relationships, but also for anyone to join and campaign for seeing human rights established in our world.

I am currently working to connect with nonprofit organisations and community groups who have specific projects that are working to help those in greatest need. Once I connect with a group who has a project, we add their project as an “Initiative” of Humanitarian Explorer. 100% of donations received by Humanitarian Explorer will go directly to these initiatives, which then gives directly to the people and communities they serve.

I will then use my walk around the world – going through cities and communities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and everywhere and anywhere – as a way of advocating and promoting our initiatives to see them fully supported and transforming lives.

I believe that problems of every kind; poverty and greed; war and violence; are eliminated when we come together not as an army fighting against an enemy; rather, the simple realisation that we are together and can devote our lives in service of one another will naturally transform our world.

I walk for connection.

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