One of the reasons for launching this blog was to achieve location independence in being able to work and make money doing what I love regardless of location. I want to achieve a level of freedom to come and go as I please.

I don’t want this freedom to be limited towards specific times and days such as weekends or holidays as is often the case when you have a job where you are working for someone.

I want to be able to travel for an extended period as I did before (where I travelled for over a year) and have my business with me by my side, on my laptop. I want to be able to spontaneously decide to go somewhere, with no worries in the world.

Freedom then is something I value dearly. It is one of my core values. I want to build a life where this value is paramount.

I’d like to think that freedom is something that each and everyone one of us strive for ultimately (or at least dream of). We all want to be able to do things and pursue projects that we are passionate about.

If I look at my blog, it’s definitely a step in that direction, but it will be a while until this blog can fully support me. As a result, I have been looking at alternative revenue streams to support me during this time. The need for this has become especially apparent as my money situation is rather dire and I am currently staying with my folks. Needless to say, I have been searching for jobs.

I Approached My Previous Company

When I left to travel, I left my previous job and company on a very positive note.I, therefore, felt very comfortable approaching my ex Boss inquiring about work opportunities.

We discussed possible job options, exploring both permanent and part-time options. Naturally my boss is hesitant to offer me a full-time position due to concerns over my love for travel. Fair enough. I will probably leave after a year anyways.

The other option is part time employment. We have explored both social media positions and writing press releases. At this stage, he has mentioned that I could possibly write press releases on a monthly basis for the company for agreed upon fee. This then is a possible revenue stream that I can explore.

I Also Posted a Message on Facebook


I contacted one of the people above and we got talking. She pointed me in the direction of a couple of websites for Freelance writers, of which the information was extremely helpful.It was at this point that I started thinking to myself, what is stopping me from becoming a Freelance writer.

I have really started to develop a love for writing in the past few months since I launched this blog, Why not explore the possibility of becoming a freelance writer?

With That In Mind, I Launched “The Challenge to Become a Freelance Writer,”

It ties in perfectly with what I write about already. And it gives me the option to explore a new interest (allowing me to stay true to who I am as a Multipotentialite), help people with their location independence and make money at the same time – seems like a no-brainer.

The inspiration also came from a friend Jennifer Lachs, creator of Square Hippie. She recently launched a Digital Nomad Challenge, where she is experimenting with 10 different jobs and tracking her progress and earnings.

I will be documenting the progress and also plan to provide reports on earnings. Sure it will take some research, hard work and let downs. But the things worth having often require this. And who knows perhaps I will launch an E-book soon “From Zero to Freelance Writer”, subtitled “With no Former Experience”. I’m getting ahead of myself now, but having a long term goal in sight will allow me to keep moving forward.


Are you looking to become Location Independent? Have you considered Freelance Writing?

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