After much thinking, talking about it and procrastination, I have finally launched my first eBook:

Backpacking 101: Be Inspired. Overcome Fear. Get The Most Out of Your travels. 

Be sure to grab your free copy and give me feedback. It is my first attempt at an eBook and I welcome both positive and negative (constructive criticism).

So what did I learn through this process?

Just Start

The hardest part often is just getting started. Once you start though, things become easier. And once you gain a bit of momentum they become even easier. A whole lot easier. So if you want to write an eBook or do anything really, Just Start.

Design and Visuals Get Me Excited

And No, not in that way, get your mind out the gutter.

I enjoyed the design aspect of creating an eBook. I love visuals and finding suitable images. I used Canva for putting the design together.

Canva is an online web-based design platform that makes design simple for everyone. You can create designs for web or print, whether they be blog posts, Facebook covers, eBook covers, flyers, posters, the options are endless.

For my images I used a combination of my own and also images from Pixabay. Pixabay is a great place to get free stock images for your website and blog posts. No attribution is required.


I enjoy writing and I am not always the best at expressing myself in words. Writing helps me with this. Maybe it can help you?

Sharing Stories

I have actually profiled several travellers for the eBook. This adds a great dimension to my eBook.

Well I believe it does anyway. The beauty of this is that connecting with people is one of my core strengths and in putting my eBook together, I have utilised this. What are your core strengths?


I am able to achieve anything I set my mind too. You can too. Belief followed by action is a powerful tool.

Final Thoughts

WiIll the eBook be a success? Fuck knows. And besides what measurement will we ultimately be basing this on?Number of downloads? Subscribers attained?

Personally it has already been a success, based on my own personal  measure of success.

It has taught me a hell of a lot. I have enjoyed the process thoroughly. The writing. The design. Seeing that final product. That baby that I created, staring at me. It makes me incredibly proud. And the beauty of it is that I have combined several of my passions into this book, namely people and travel.

This gives me momentum to achieve bigger and greater things as I continue to follow my heart and chase my dreams.

Your Thoughts?

Are you planning on launching an eBook? What is Your Measure of Success?

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