I have spent a few months blogging now. And today I wanted to open up your mind to the beauty of blogging. Hopefully, it will give you some inspiration to consider starting your own blog. In the end though it’s really up to you 🙂

This post will be followed by a post (next week) that will give you some tips in setting up a blog. Showing you how blogging could benefit you is no use if you haven’t got a few tools at your disposal to get started right?

Now let’s look at the beauty or benefits of blogging.

Cost Effective and Quick Way to Launch a Business

You need to pay for a host, perhaps a premium theme and a few other bits and bobs and you’re ‘a for away’. It really is a cost-effective way to launch a business if that’s the route you want to go. I spent $50 on Headway which is a Drag and Drop WordPress theme builder and $200 dollars for hosting over three years with Blue Host.

This can all be done rather quickly too, over a weekend if you manage to refrain from being too much of perfectionist. Indeed, I actually recommend launching something imperfect. What is perfection anyway?

You Make Great Connections

Since launching my blog and using both Facebook and Twitter as part of my Growth Strategy (among other things), I have made amazing connections. Consider for example the relationship I have established with the Daily Zen where I have a couple of articles published already.

And it was not hard to do this. They liked some of my tweets on Twitter and suggested I write an article for them and that was that. As easy as that.

I have also made some amazing connections for Feature Fridays, such as the connection made with Dylan Raines, founder of Humanitarian Explorer who will be traveling the world in 2016 for human rights, to serve and set people free. That brings me on to my next point.

Things Start To Happen

Once you start blogging and connecting with people on social channels, things really just start to happen and you begin to gain momentum. It’s a beautiful thing. To really understand this, you honestly just need to start a blog.

Your Own Piece of the Internet

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your unique perspectives, insights and gifts with the world. It gives you your own little piece on the internet, which is there, for everyone to see. It’s your little creation. This can make one really proud.

Good Way to Start Doing What You Love

You can pick a topic you love or a broad spectrum of topics under one theme, something which I advocate, especially if you are like me and have many interests. This prevents boredom and gives you room to breathe.

From there you can literally just start blogging about it as a hobby or you could position yourself as an expert and ultimately make money doing what you love.

Good Way to Become and Expert in Something

Through blogging about specific topics or a wide variety of topics you are able to position yourself as an expert. And remember you can become an expert in anything. Being an expert is just an acknowledgement that a person knows a great deal about a specific topic. There are no rules as to how much you need to know before you become an expert. So it’s quite easy to become one rather quickly.

Great Way to Develop Trust

Over time through posting valuable content and positioning yourself as an expert in something (or many things), people learn to trust you. Using this trust (and not abusing it), you are able to create products you can sell online such as E-books.

You can even use this to become a public speaker where you sell your time for speaking at specific events. Consider for example my friend over at BHM. People trust his expertise in fitness, health and wellness (amongst other things) and he is now a Personal Trainer.

You Learn More About Yourself

Throughout the process of blogging, you also learn a lot more about yourself, discovering new passions and interests perhaps that you thought you never had. You also maybe see certain patterns in your writing that indicate something about who you are and what you like.

Aside from that you set yourself up for realising that you are more powerful and capable than you believe. That is an incredibly powerful thing.

You Become a Better Writer

Writing and in turn blogging is not for everyone. I personally really enjoy it. It allows me to write, which I enjoy. And I also get to refine my writing skills.

You Learn More About Running a Website

You also learn a lot more about the ins and outs of setting up a blog. That in itself can be very exciting. And in the end this gives you a great sense of accomplishment once you start to master all the little technical aspects associated with launching and running a blog.

Teaches You Consistency

To prevent your blog from becoming a ghost town, you need to stick to a consistent posting schedule. For example, I post 2-3 posts a week, usually on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Over time, this teaches you consistency and people learnt to trust you. Consistency is often considered a key to success. If you keep showing up, if you keep at it, you can go a long way.

Location Independence

Many people derive full-time incomes from their blog and the corresponding products and services they offer as a result. Ultimately over the long term, blogging allows you to create a business that gives you a sense of location independence.

You can write and stay connected with your customers from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Your business is there, on your laptop. This gives you a great deal of freedom, giving you the option to travel whilst you blog.


Blogging really is a great way to launch a business for next to nothing. It gives you the opportunity to own your own little piece of the internet and make great connections. From there things really just start to happen and you begin to gain momentum.

You can do what you love, position yourself as an expert in a field or a wide variety of fields and over time build a community that trusts you. This allows you the opportunity to create products for customers around those unique expertise.

Throughout the process, you not only learn more about yourself, but you also learn more about the technicalities in launching and running a blog. You can even refine your writing skills.

Blogging teaches you consistency and in the long term you can achieve location independence. There it is, your business on your laptop. The freedom of that is something beautiful.

P.S. Remember to tune in next week, where I will give you some tips into launching a blog in no time.


Are you looking to start a blog? Are there any benefits of blogging that I have missed?

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