There is often a huge amount of uncertainty before you do something new, especially when it is something new that totally throws your current life out the window.

Here I am talking about your first solo backpacking adventure.

Talking from experience, having embarked on a trip around the world (I use that word with caution as I have only touched the iceberg in terms of the countries I have travelled to), I know the feelings of fear, fear about the unknown and not knowing what to expect.

Here are a few tips to help you along your way if you are contemplating doing a solo trip for the first time but are experiencing fears, doubts and uncertainty.

Remember That These Feelings Are Normal

Humans have a built in fear of the unknown. This is just the fear of not knowing. This is all you are scared about.Having this fear generally means you are doing something that is good for you.

Do Not Let Your Mind Take Over

Do not overthink things.This is easy to do. I know, myself being an over thinker, I often tend to dwell on many thoughts in my head before taking a big plunge.

Remind Yourself of Why You Are Doing This

You have a reason why you want to do this right? This is important as it will guide your actions from beginning to end. Perhaps you want to get out of your comfort zone? Perhaps you want to become more independent? Whatever the reasons, It’s important to contemplate why you are embarking on this trip. For me personally, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, experience a new challenge and prove to myself that I could travel alone, with not much planned.

Do a little research

Do a little research on where you are going and ask people for tips. Again though, too much reading can be dangerous as you will be exposed to many sites and information out there, information that might cause doubt and give you reasons not to go. I know, for example, before I went to Bangkok, there was political unrest in Thailand.

There were plenty of people who suggested strongly against going to Thailand. I, however, dug a little deeper and realised it wasn’t as bad as the Media portrayed it. So yes, understand possible risks, but do not let it stop you from experiencing your dreams.

Plan, But Not Too Much

Give yourself a rough idea of what you want to see, but don’t book up all your days for a month with pre-planned activities. This gives you no flexibility. What happens if you meet someone cool or find a place you want to stay at for a little longer?

Book The Flight

Just bloody book the flight. Set a date. Take the plunge. Save some cash and go for it. Often this is the hardest thing to do. Once you have done this, it  makes it final and is a date you can work towards. Mental tattooing is a powerful thing.

Travelling Transforms You

Lastly if you are still struggling to overcome this uncertainty, why don’t you give this post a read about How Travel Transforms you. I hope it gives you that extra dose of inspiration and motivation to take action and pursue that dream of backpacking solo.

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Are you planning on embarking on your first solo backpacking adventure?

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