Editors Note: This is a Guest Post by Kelly Govett creator of Chatstothyself.

We’ve all met them. They come in the form of our best friends, our teachers, our spiritual guides, a stranger we took ten minutes to learn about, or our neighbour down the street. They’re everywhere. They’re all of us. They’re you, me and Dupree’. They’re everyone in between.

They’re the people who inspire us to be better; the people who advocate for creative change; the people who stand up for the ones with no legs.

There are those special few, however, that really ‘stick with us’ – be it in physicality or in our positive memory bank. This is where I introduce Miss Geminy Maw – one of the special few. When asked to do a piece on inspirational humans, Geminy was first to mind, and with good reason.

Her story is a colourful one. Including a lazy several thousand kilometre cycle across Europe for charity (check out her personal coverage of this epic ride here). This free spirit has partaken in countless community fundraising events across the globe, the majority of which she has organised herself. What a gem! (Sorry, had to!)

She’s the type of woman who makes every move for the greater good – and doesn’t blink an eye at the thought of recognition for it. So recognise.

From shaking a can on the front door of Queenstown’s 1876 to creating Earth happy trash fashion for occasions (….and really, what day that we’re breathing isn’t reason to celebrate?!), to fluttering about the Nevada desert for the infamous Burning Man festival, she really has done it all. Her intentions – to spread smiles!

Heard of Maw Creations? Well amongst all her efforts, Geminy even manages to find time for her own line of beautifully hand crafted jewellery. Can somebody stop this girl? I highly doubt it! I hear she even has the ability to stitch flotation devices out of cask wine bags – now THAT is a talent. (Gem, my Mission Beach contacts left nothing out! Haha!)

Because of the effects of this ridiculously gifted young woman, communities in Uganda now have running water, midwifery units, more children are fed and more underprivileged brothers and sisters of Earth have access to much needed clinical care.

The list just goes on. In the presence of someone less fortunate than her, Geminy will do what she can to carry them through the torrent. She’s (….the cat’s mother – terrible English I know….) currently off-grid enjoying some trekking through the USA so chances are likely that this here post won’t be seen by her pupils. In some way or another Geminy, know that you are recognised and that the world loves you.

Peace and soul.


Do you know of anyone who inspires you in such a way? Why not share a short story below or get in contact to have it featured on the site.

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