I’ve spent a fair bit of time working on a manifesto. For those who do not know what a manifesto is, here is a definition:

A manifesto is a declaration of an organisation or persons’ beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. An organisation will write this document to declare what is important to them. It may sometimes even include a call to action.

Through launching this blog and writing over the past few months, I have slowly started to see what is important to me and ultimately what is important to getButterflied. What we believe is the following:

Be Yourself. There Is Only One You.

We believe that everyone should be themselves. There is one you. Embrace who you are and share those gifts with the world. We help people discover themselves. We write about self-identity.

Make Money Doing What You Love.

We believe that everyone should be able to make money doing what they love in the world.  You have one life. You need not be confined to the rat race.

We awaken people to the fact that you have one life. You need to make the most of it. Your life should be confined to doing things you love. It should be dedicated towards meaningful activities.

We instil belief in people. The belief that they can achieve anything they want and more importantly they can build a life around doing what they love.

We provide resources and tools to assist people in taking action to achieving the life they want.

Follow Your Dreams.

We believe that you should never lose sight of your dreams. You should follow those dreams and keep taking action towards achieving them.

We help and inspire people to follow their dreams. We write about overcoming fear and uncertainty and share inspiring stories (among other things). 

Give Back. Make A Difference.

We believe that each and every one of us has an obligation to make a positive difference in the world no matter how small.

We help and inspire people to give back to their communities and to the world around them. We write about philanthropy and ways people can connect to charities in a meaningful way.

We Are All Human Despite Our Differences.

We believe in a simple truth – we are all human. We are all the same despite cultural, religious, racial and social differences.

We awaken people to being more compassionate and embracing the humanity within each of us. We share stories of random acts of kindness.

Everyone Deserves Happiness.

We believe that everyone deserves happiness. We help and inspire people to achieve happiness in their lives.

We Value Freedom.

Everyone deserves the freedom to do what they love and pursue projects and initiatives that are meaningful to them.

We help people to attain freedom, freedom from the rat race, freedom from the institutions that have imposed themselves on us. We write about travel and the freedom lifestyle.

Love, Compassion and Positive Thinking is Important.

We believe that the world needs more love, compassion and positivity. Especially considering all the negativity that is spread through the media.

We share inspiring stories (people doing what they love, overcoming a chronic disease etc.) and stories about Random Acts of Kindness.

Continuous Personal Growth.

We believe in continuous personal growth throughout one’s life and encourage people to actively seek such growth.

We help and encourage people to actively seek such growth through looking within (introspection) and looking outwards (through traveling and getting out of your comfort zone).

It is when you are out of your comfort zone that the magic happens.We write about personal development.

getButterflied then is a call to action for people to:

TRANSFORM their thinking.

TRANSFORM their lives.

TRANSFORM their world.

We help and inspire you in your quest through such transformation.

What  do you believe in?

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