In a previous post, we explored minimalism and the common misconceptions associated with Minimalism.

Just to recap, Minimalism is about re-assessing your priorities so that you can get rid of things, ideas, activities and obligations that are not important and add no value to your life.

Minimalism will also vary from person to person as people have different values and attach importance to different things. Your Minimalism is not my Minimalism.

In light of the above and acknowledging that you might still be sceptical about Minimalism, today we will be highlighting the many benefits of adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle.

Greater Freedom and Flexibility

Getting rid of that which is not important and no longer serves you gives you greater freedom and flexibility to come and go as you, please. You are not tied down as much. This might give you the opportunity to travel more.

Greater Financial Freedom

The benefits are not limited to personal freedom. Through cutting out unnecessary expenses, and spending money only on that which is needed and adds value to your life, you save money, which can be used for other important things. You achieve greater financial freedom.

More Time to Focus on Important Things

Through reassessing our priorities and getting rid of that which is not important, we have more time are able to give our undivided attention to the important things. Cutting down on distractions (such as television) will give you more time to focus on writing that E-book you’ve been wanting to write. Cutting down on obligations, time commitments and reducing distractions will allow more time with family.

Improves Productivity

Through an improved focus on that which is important, our productivity improves.

Greater Appreciation for the Smaller Things in Life

Getting rid of the crap allows you to appreciate the smaller things in life, such as the beauty of being alone or with someone, enjoying the sights and sounds around you. Such as the chirping of the birds or the beautiful sunset that you once took for granted.

Personal Growth

You grow personally and discover exactly what it is that you want out of this life, particularly once you’ve stripped that away which no longer serves you.

Reduces Anxiety

There is less to be anxious about.

Reduces Stress

There is less to be stressed about.

Reduces Worry

There is less to worry about.

More focused on the Present

Through worrying less, we are more focused on the present, as worrying is often associated with the past and a future event. How often do you find yourself worrying about paying that bill?

Greater contentment and Happiness

It contributes towards greater contentment and happiness. I’d like to think each and every one of us places a great deal of importance and value towards happiness, don’t you?

Less Clutter in Your House

If getting rid of a lot of stuff, is part of your Minimalism, then you will have less to organise and less to clean, freeing up time for other things.

In Summary

Through implementing some form of Minimalism, we get so much more out of life. Through getting rid of the crap that doesn’t really serve us, the important things in life come to the fore. And through having less we actually have so much more.


This list is by no means exhaustive. I’m sure you can think of many other benefits of Minimalism that I haven’t listed?

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