I want to let you in on a little secret. Earlier this year upon returning home to South Africa and following a month of travelling I made a rather rash decision. At the time I felt extremely anxious, not really sure what I wanted to do with life (to be honest not much has changed, but In launching this blog I took a step in the direction towards a life I believe I want to lead and that in itself gives me much comfort.)

Returning to this rash decision. I had spent a month travelling with a French friend around South Africa. Exploring my own country a little more really was an amazing experience and it is something that I want to continue doing, long into the future.

Following the travels, I  decided to book a flight to London where I would look for work. This was in early May 2015. I didn’t give this much thought. I just felt that going to London was the right decision. I stayed over at family friends for a couple of months and went for job interviews. I spent time commuting in and out of the big city. I managed to get through to the last round of one job interview where I would be working in Sales for a Start-up company.

I have always been an extremely honest person and during the interview I actually told the Interviewer that I actually didn’t want this Job. I didn’t want to live and work in London. Commuting in and out of the big city of London was not a life for me. Everyone seemed to be on auto-pilot. They were part of this rat race. A race that I did not want to be a part of. This was not for me. This wasn’t who I was.  To cut a long story short, I booked a ticket back home to South Africa, Via Germany (I visited my brother and his soon to be wife).

During this time, I had already been working on my blog, which would be launched a few weeks after my return to South Africa at the end of June. I still feel rather anxious as I write this, I still feel like I’m fighting the system. Things are still uncertain. But I’m on this journey and I want to see where it takes me. So I will keep chugging along. One thing I do know is that through taking that rash decision and going to London, I realised what I didn’t want. And this took me one step closer towards achieving the life I do want.


Have you found yourself doing something that made you realise what it is that you do not want out of life?

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