It was just under a year ago that I launched this site. I remember the feeling building up to the launch, where I would be sharing my little creation with the world – well with my direct Facebook friends initially. I was scared…

Not just scared, but fucking scared. (Yes, really! Look I got the email to prove it. It’s an email I sent to some mates. It’s dated way back to July 2015. The site had just gone live and I had sent out  posts via social media channels. Admittedly this was just after the launch. But If I felt like that just after, you can only imagine how I felt before).

Putting Yourself Out There

It turns out that once I took the plunge, it wasn’t that bad. Everyone was hugely positive and supportive. My only fear was based on caring what other people thought.

I potentially could have been my own worst enemy and not have launched because of this fear I had created in my mind. Never let thoughts like “What will they think? What if people think it sucks?”, stop you from putting yourself out there.

Never care what people think. Because you know what. Most people actually don’t care, they don’t sit there judging you. The only person caring is you. You care too much about what people think. Stop it.

Take that plunge. You will find that over time putting yourself out there becomes a whole lot easier. The first time won’t be the easiest (but just remember the above advice). But the second time becomes easier. The third even easier.

And over time, it becomes a breeze.  It becomes you new normal. You start doing your thing, with total disregard to what people think. And it’s then when you start believing that anything is possible in the life. And it is with that belief that you can conquer the world.

Your Thoughts?

Do you care too much what people think? How are you dealing with putting yourself out there?

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