10325369_10154125431360506_4922653160382488369_nMy name is Nick Darlington. In 2013 I quit my job to travel the world.This isn’t the part where I tell you how I hated my job. Aside from being cliche, telling you that would be an outright lie. The truth is, I loved it.

But inside I inherently knew there was more to what I was doing.There’s more to life than the 8-5, following a neatly set template of how you should live your life and just paying the bills and dying. But, you already know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Right?

Returning home in 2015, after travelling for over a year, was a shock. Purely because I now had to return to the ‘real’ world. I launched this site as my ‘first’ step away from what I knew I didn’t want. That was living life on someone else’s terms.

Whilst I didn’t have a clear path of where the journey would take me (and to be honest I still don’t), I knew that I needed to take some form of action. Remaining where I was would ultimately be crippling. Inaction would not serve me at all. Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation in your life?

“Okay. Fine” You may be thinking. “But what is getButterflied about?”

I would like to tell you that what we do here, the articles we share and content we provide is about one thing. That it’s about one specific topic. But I can’t. It’s about a lot of things:

  1. Living life on your own terms.
  2. Living the life of your dreams.
  3. Realising you full potential.
  4. Living unconventionally.
  5. Continuous personal growth.
  6. Changing the way you see the world.
  7. Freedom. Joy. Happiness.
  8. And probably a lot of other stuff (that will come to me later)

How Can We Help you?

Through sharing stories of ordinary people with the aim of helping you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Stories fall into three categories:

Inspiration. We want to inspire you to unleash your potential and live the life of your dreams.

Well-being.  We want to encourage people to openly talk about issues such as anxiety and depression.

Where Do I put You? All those stories that cannot be put into neat little boxes.

Through sharing my thoughts and documenting my journey on my blog.

I have already realised my dream of travel and will continue to travel for a long time to come. There are still many dreams I want to fulfill. I am currently pursuing freelance writing. Visit my blog where I document my progress and share other insights and information that can help you live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Through openly sharing resources we feel could be of benefit to you

In an increasingly connected world we have become increasingly disconnected. We focus on ourselves and our dreams. We don’t openly and freely share ourselves and our knowledge with people.

You land your first writing gig. How did you do it?

You launch a website on your own, without being able to code? How did you do that?

We want to change that. Any resources that we believe could be of benefit to you will be shared with you, either through social media channels, e-mail (if you are signed-up) and on our resource page. This includes websites, applications and books. Anything we feel could be of benefit really.

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Just like the various stages that occur before a butterfly becomes a butterfly, so do we go through much growth in our lives to fully realise our potential and fly like a butterfly. getButterflied is a call to action to continuously grow, throughout our lives. To unleash our potential. To continue to chase our dreams. No matter what. Butterflies are also symbols of transformation, joy, happiness and freedom. P.S The logo is a ‘g’ and a ‘B’ in the form of a butterfly which stands for getButterflied.

Nick Darlington

Nick Darlington

I am Born and bred in South Africa. Mom’s German, Dad is English. I am a Multipotentialite, traveller, entrepreneur, freelance writer and a lover of people. I have travelled to Mexico, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Scotland, Thailand, New Zealand and Samoa (much of that was backpacking). I’m happiest when I am brainstorming new business ideas. And recommend that everyone have a notebook or two to write down those crazy ideas. I believe in dreaming big.