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Well Being

We want to share stories that promote well-being and help people in some way or the other. We want to encourage people to openly talk about things such as depression and anxiety. For example, if you have suffered from anxiety for much of your life, but have found ways to effectively manage it, we want to hear from you. Click here for some examples.


Have you ever met someone and heard their story and thought, “Wow, that is truly inspirational?” For example are you someone chasing your dreams, following your passions, making a difference, starting a business or embarking on an amazing journey? Do you know of someone who fits this profile? Click here for some examples.

Where Do I Put You?

We as humans love compartmentalizations things. Sometimes we just can’t. This is a page for all the other stories that we cannot  put into neat little boxes. Maybe you have a story that will change the way people see the world for the better, open someone up to a new culture or remove a stereotype they had? Click here for some examples.

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