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Unleash Your Potential

There’s more to life than the 8-5, following a neatly set template and just paying the bills and dying. But, you already know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Right?

There’s your dreams which are lying dormant within you, dreams which seem so far away.These dreams might take different forms. Maybe you want to own your own business and be totally in control of your time, on your terms? Maybe you want to travel the world?

Whatever it is, we understand the struggle involved in actually realising those dreams, in taking those first steps. The Fear. The Uncertainty. Even worse, you find yourself engaging in the comparison game. You look at the guys who have ‘made it’. You set unrealistic benchmarks that are one step ahead of what you are able to achieve. Your dreams seem so far away. It needn’t be this way.

We are a community of people wanting to live on our terms. A community of dreamers. A community of people who believe that we can change the world. The members within this community are people like you and me.

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

We profile stories of people chasing their dreams, and doing remarkable things. These are regular people like you and me. Through sharing these stories we want to inspire you to follow your dreams no matter what. We want to open your eyes to the world that is out there and make you realise that anything is possible. There is so much potential within you just wanting to come out.

An Exclusive With the “Travel Guy”

Hi! I’m Chris van Niekerk from Cape Town, South Africa and proud of it. Currently, I’m a Key Account Manager in the automotive safety industry and although this may not be where my passion lies, for now, it manages to fund my day-to-day life and a couple of epic...
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Inside The Mind Of Jenny (How to Become a Digital Nomad as a Non-techy Person)

Jenny, the digital nomad, previously wrote a guest post for getButterflied where she talked about Why Its Ok to Give Up an Old Dream for a New One. Today we profile her and her story in more detail. Tell us a little more about Jenny… I am 33 years old,...
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I am Going to Cycle Up Africa, With No Money and Rely On The Kindness of People (Part 2)

Editors Note : This is part two of a three-part series. For part one click here. Tell us a little about some memorable stories from the road… A summary out of my diary (January 2016) – Tanzania After leaving the hospital, I just entered complete...
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From First Time Solo Traveller to Lifelong Wanderer

Editor’s Note: In preparation for the eBook I am writing, I have started profiling travellers. Here is a travel profile of Rob Jardine who went from first-time solo traveller to lifelong wanderer.  Many thanks to Rob for answering my many questions and also...
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